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If you or someone you know has been involved in a motor vehicle accident the cost to be evaluated and treated is provided by the car's insurance company. The sooner you are examined and treatment started the better the outcome will be. These types of injuries need to be managed both inside and outside the office. Many times it is necessary to be off work for 2-4 weeks while getting the initial treatment for the best results and quickest recovery. It may even be necessary to perscribe domestic assistance at home to prevent aggravation of injuries. Motor vehicle accident injuries may or may not be slow at manifesting pain and symptoms. Sometimes symptoms won't be realized for 1-3 weeks post accident, but they are still due to the accident. Be proactive and seek help for these problems. Call Helms Chiropractic in the Eugene Springfield area for help. Dr. Helms is available to manage your injuries for the best results.


Dr. Helms, chiropractor in West Eugene, Oregon, 97402, is one of a small handful of chiropractors specialized as a chiropractic orthopedists in Oregon and the only one in Lane county. This required an additional 3 years of post graduate training and two separate tests to be certified. If you live in West Eugene, Springfield or Lane county and are looking for someone to address your injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, sports activity or work this is the place to call. With over 30 years of experience you can be certain that your condition will be treated and managed in a way that will return you to normal as soon as possible. If we can't do that we will make appropriate referral for tests and treatment elsewhere that can benefit you. If you need assistance or are not satisfied with the current management of your condition give us a call.  541-343-8449   check out the orthopedic website here http://www.dcorthoacademy.com/


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Chiropractic works by assisting the body in its ability to heal naturally. Complementary therapies include massage therapy, acupuncture, strength training, workplace ergonomics and nutrition, which can play a role in improving your condition.

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